About TerminationDust.Net

Earlier this summer, I happened to be in the local Holiday store. I usually read my news online, but on this particular day I hadn’t gotten to that, and when I walked past the sales rack for the Anchorage Daily News, I bothered to pick up the paper… and I was shocked to find that there was hardly any paper there at all!

In a lot of ways, the emaciation of the traditional newspaper is a sad thing… it is a little like watching someone that is terminally ill, waste away. But the print media is like any business, it finds ways to evolve and succeed. It isn’t that I’ve abandoned newspapers, but rather, I prefer them delivered to my computer than my doorstep.

When I looked at that copy of the Anchorage Daily News, I realized that the online version is superior in most ways to the “dead tree” edition… but also, that almost anyone can have a “newspaper” now… hence the creation of TerminationDust.Net.

TerminationDust.Net isn’t intended to replace a traditional newspaper… or even, really, to be a newspaper at all. It is meant to be a place where Alaskans can go, contribute content to their communities, comment on what is happening, and find a sense of community. A little like a newspaper (and certainly, the web layout looks that way), but also like a blog, or a chatroom, or a bulletin board.

I am hoping to recruit contributors from all across Alaska, from all walks of life, and from all interest groups. If you have something to say here, I would be interested in hearing from you.

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