Better Late, But Never Would Be OK, Too

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I sat at lunch yesterday and watched the snow blow by the window of the restaurant. It was the first time this fall that snow of any consequence fell during the day, and here it was the eleventh of November.  While nobody was complaining too loudly – after all, snow in November is really nothing that unusual – there was this sense that we might have been happier if the snow had held off another few days.

We’re a greedy bunch here in Alaska. In most years, we would have had a month of snow already here in Anchorage, but many people still had flowers and vegetables in their gardens up until just a week ago. If you didn’t get your tires changed over before the snow, you have nobody to bale but yourself, do you? In fact, the day I had my tires changed over (November 6), they asked me if I wanted to wait for them, because they weren’t busy at all. Yes, we had an awesome summer, and an amazing fall.

But here’s the part that you might be overlooking. We have thirty-nine days until the winter solstice. In thirty-nine days, the days will actually start getting longer . Sure, we’ll lose a couple more hours of daylight in the next month, but we’ll get them all back by the first of February – a mere eighty days from now. When you consider we substituted a month of fall (a season we sometimes never actually get here) for a month of winter, we’re guaranteed that our winter will be a month shorter than it usually is – and we got that month up front!

Between you and me… you really like winter, don’t you? After all, you live in the Winter Capital of the World. We do winter right. If it didn’t snow, that wouldn’t really be OK with you, would it? If it is going to be dark and dreary, we ought to have some snow around to brighten things up. I bet that when your friends from the Lower 48 call and complain about driving in the snow, you laugh at them, don’t you? I thought so.

All in all, we’ve been lucky this year. We had a great summer (we were due, after last year), and an amazing fall, and so far, a gentle start to the winter. Better late – yes. But never?

No. Thanks for the snow, too.

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