TerminationDust.Net http://terminationdust.net Alaskans, on Alaska Tue, 23 Mar 2010 03:59:22 +0000 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en Fairbanks Receives Unexpected Accolade Re-posted from "Alaska Vacation Blog" I have always been a bit of a weather nut. Those of you who are also weather nuts know what I mean. At a point earlier in my life, I was destined to become a television weatherman, but alas, I was defeated by ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=156 Whats happening in Talkeentna Thursday & Friday, March 18th & 19th Description: The folks that brought you "Flanagan's Wake" and "Carol on my Wayward son or Stuck in a Manger with You" are at it again. This time they've turned their satiric wit upon the myriad absurdities of love and romance...Alaska style. An ode to ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=151 Here’s What’s Up in Talkeetna Winter in Talkeetna is a much slower pace than when our summer travelers arrive.   As all those living in Alaska know, winter is a wonderful time of the year and here in Talkeetna it is no exception.  Talkeetna with is close proximity to Anchorage, Wasilla and Palmer is a great ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=129 What Boo Saw – Adventure With the Great Sled Dogs I have owned sled dogs for 16 years and been a sled dog tour operator for ten of those years, and this January, while Interior Alaska has been mostly bitterly cold and low on snow, I had the chance to read a book or two and reflect on why it ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=109 Mount Redoubt Rumbles Again The Alaska Volcano Observatory has increased the Aviation Code for Mount Redoubt to 'Yellow'. According to their website, the aviation code of yellow means, Volcano is exhibiting signs of elevated unrest above known background level or, after a change from a higher level, volcanic activity has decreased significantly but continues to ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=96 Wilderness For the Holidays The holidays are here, and by here I mean 'the middle of nowhere'.   Or at least the middle of one extremely remote place in Alaska. McCarthy, Alaska is the tiniest of towns located in the middle of the largest protected wilderness on earth.   There are less than 2 dozen people 'home ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=81 The Cost of Obsolete Technology When I first started my business back in 2004, I shared an office with another company, and they allowed me to use some of their computers. The computers were quite old, but they worked, and I was not in the position to spend money on a new computer. The debate I ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=35 Phenom Watch – Stephen Strasburg With temperatures hovering near zero across the state, local sports fans flocking to the nearest hockey arena, or camping in front of the television to watch football, there probably aren't too many Alaskan sports minds thinking about baseball. But here's your opportunity. Saturday morning at 10:30, you can log into the Major ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=46 Leonid Meteor Shower Tempts (Very) Few Into the Cold If you've bothered to head out into the night to watch a meteor shower, you probably didn't do it in Alaska. That's because the three conditions that are required to see a meteor shower - clear skies, darkness and being awake and outside between midnight and dawn can  mean only one ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=37 Better Late, But Never Would Be OK, Too I sat at lunch yesterday and watched the snow blow by the window of the restaurant. It was the first time this fall that snow of any consequence fell during the day, and here it was the eleventh of November.  While nobody was complaining too loudly - after all, snow ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=31 May I See Your ID? There are a few constants in air travel these days: removing your shoes to go through the metal detector, and showing a picture identification card. The former is just an inconvenience, but the latter appears to be a necessity - and as a phone call to my office proved today, ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=27 Bird of the Month: Swans! There is a lot of spectacular wildlife in Alaska, but this October, one of the most prominent animals are the tundra swans that have taken up short-term residence on local lakes. I was first alerted to them by recent photos in the Anchorage Daily News, but I hadn't realized how ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=23 Spreading the Word Far and Wide About Alaska Day It is easy to forget Alaska Day in 2009, given that back in January we celebrated our 50th anniversary of statehood. But we do have a state holiday coming up, celebrating the transfer of Alaska from the Russians to the United States. The people of Sitka observe the holiday a ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=20 With Snow on the Hills, Kings Are Just a Memory King salmon fishing this year was nothing to write home about - for most people. But a few did land their fish, and a lot more did not. All of them have tall tales to tell. [caption id="attachment_16" align="alignnone" width="480" caption="Mat-Su Valley king in June 2009"][/caption] My luck wasn't as good as ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=15 Alaska Nanooks Sweep Kendall Hockey Classic The Alaska Nanooks came to Anchorage last weekend and swept the Kendall Hockey Classic, beating CCHA rivals Michigan 2-0 on Friday night, and Mercyhurst 5-1 on Saturday night. [caption id="attachment_9" align="alignnone" width="478" caption="Second period action is Saturday's Alaska - Mercyhurst game."][/caption] The University of Alaska Anchorage Seawolves beat Mercyhurst 5-3 on Friday ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=8 An Experiment in Cooperative Journalism Earlier this summer, I happened to be in the local Holiday store. I usually read my news online, but on this particular day I hadn't gotten to that, and when I walked past the sales rack for the Anchorage Daily News, I bothered to pick up the paper... and I ... http://terminationdust.net/?p=3