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What Boo Saw – Adventure With the Great Sled Dogs

I have owned sled dogs for 16 years and been a sled dog tour operator for ten of those years, and this January, while Interior Alaska has been mostly bitterly cold and low on snow, I had the chance to read a book or two and reflect on why it is I do what I [...]

Wilderness For the Holidays

The holidays are here, and by here I mean ‘the middle of nowhere’.   Or at least the middle of one extremely remote place in Alaska.
McCarthy, Alaska is the tiniest of towns located in the middle of the largest protected wilderness on earth.   There are less than 2 dozen people ‘home for the holidays’ in the [...]

Leonid Meteor Shower Tempts (Very) Few Into the Cold

If you’ve bothered to head out into the night to watch a meteor shower, you probably didn’t do it in Alaska.
That’s because the three conditions that are required to see a meteor shower – clear skies, darkness and being awake and outside between midnight and dawn can  mean only one thing in Alaska: cold.
In other [...]

Bird of the Month: Swans!

There is a lot of spectacular wildlife in Alaska, but this October, one of the most prominent animals are the tundra swans that have taken up short-term residence on local lakes. I was first alerted to them by recent photos in the Anchorage Daily News, but I hadn’t realized how many there were until I [...]

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