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Mount Redoubt Rumbles Again

The Alaska Volcano Observatory has increased the Aviation Code for Mount Redoubt to ‘Yellow’. According to their website, the aviation code of yellow means,
Volcano is exhibiting signs of elevated unrest above known background level or, after a change from a higher level, volcanic activity has decreased significantly but continues to be closely monitored for possible [...]

Bird of the Month: Swans!

There is a lot of spectacular wildlife in Alaska, but this October, one of the most prominent animals are the tundra swans that have taken up short-term residence on local lakes. I was first alerted to them by recent photos in the Anchorage Daily News, but I hadn’t realized how many there were until I [...]

Spreading the Word Far and Wide About Alaska Day

It is easy to forget Alaska Day in 2009, given that back in January we celebrated our 50th anniversary of statehood. But we do have a state holiday coming up, celebrating the transfer of Alaska from the Russians to the United States. The people of Sitka observe the holiday a lot better than most of [...]

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