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Fairbanks Receives Unexpected Accolade

Re-posted from “Alaska Vacation Blog“

I have always been a bit of a weather nut. Those of you who are also weather nuts know what I mean. At a point earlier in my life, I was destined to become a television weatherman, but alas, I was defeated by calculus. But before I suffered [...]

Wilderness For the Holidays

The holidays are here, and by here I mean ‘the middle of nowhere’.   Or at least the middle of one extremely remote place in Alaska.
McCarthy, Alaska is the tiniest of towns located in the middle of the largest protected wilderness on earth.   There are less than 2 dozen people ‘home for the holidays’ in the [...]

There are a few constants in air travel these days: removing your shoes to go through the metal detector, and showing a picture identification card. The former is just an inconvenience, but the latter appears to be a necessity – and as a phone call to my office proved today, it is one that can [...]

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